Riedman Health Center earns LEED® certification

The Riedman Health Center project has been certified LEED Silver® by the U.S. Green Building Council.

To earn certification, a project is graded on a points-based system that evaluates its construction and sustainable features. One important aspect of the Health Center’s certification is that it was converted from an existing 74,000-SF supermarket. This type of reuse is considered preferable to tearing down a building or clearing green space for new construction. In fact, on this project, the team was able to reuse more than 95% of the existing walls, floors and roof in the new structure.

Renovations also included a number of features that have improved the building’s energy efficiency by about 20%. For example, spray foam was used to create a tight building envelope that helps manage heating and cooling needs. In addition, occupants have a high level of control over temperature and lighting in their respective areas. Outside, accommodations were made to control storm water run-off, and landscaping was planned to ensure no potable water would be needed for irrigation.

The Riedman Health Center opened in 2018. Part of the Rochester Regional Health network, it provides a variety of pharmaceutical, radiology, dental, pediatric and ophthalmology services to the community. LeChase was CM-at-risk for the project.

Exterior and interior views of the Riedman Health Center