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Executive Leadership Team

R. Wayne LeChase


“Safety, integrity, quality, customer advocacy, diversity, family and community represent LeChase’s core values. And we live and breathe these values every day. We truly want our customers, our communities and our employees to benefit from the work we do.”

William H. Goodrich

William H. Goodrich

CEO & Managing Partner

“LeChase is a special organization. We are truly blessed to have the best and brightest people in the industry along with an impressive customer base—all of whom are instilled with integrity and strong values. What differentiates LeChase from the rest of the competition is our hands-on approach and unrelenting commitment to continuous improvement in all of our endeavors. With these attributes, we believe that partnerships are the most important thing we build.”

William L. Mack

William L. Mack


“We realize that without our customers, we have nothing. So we’re committed to providing them with extraordinary solutions, service and quality. We don’t just want them to be satisfied with our work. We want them to be elated.”

Kyle L. Sayers

Kyle L. Sayers

Executive Vice President & COO

“Our commitment to ethics and social responsibility truly sets us apart from our competitors. Safety aside, our goal first and foremost is to exceed the expectations of the clients we work with and the communities we work in by always doing the right thing.“

Management Team

Business Development
Russell Smith
Jim McKenna
Barbara Sauer
Information Technology
Bing Paesang
LeChase Facilities Management
Jim McKenna
Thomas O'Gara
Brian Russo
People & Culture
Cheryl Colavecchio
Peter Muench
Joel Hall
Real Estate Development
Gregory Barkstrom
Risk Management
Patrick Smally
Jerrod Garrett
Chrissy Parulski

Regional Leadership Team

Adam Green
Chris Kulik
Central NY
Lee Sommerman
Frederick Thompson
NY Capital Region
David Hollander
NY Metro
David Campbell
Jim McKenna
Southeast – Durham
Seth London