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BIM and VD&C

A well-planned project saves time and money while promoting safety and creating a strong relationship between LeChase and our clients. BIM helps plan projects with improved detailing, coordination and collaboration.


  • Ability to enhance coordination, planning, design and construction
  • Greater knowledge of cost, schedule and constructability issues
  • Improves operational efficiencies and elevates quality
  • Reduction of building life cycle costs

BIM and VD&C?

fewer document errors
less rework
lower construction cost
shorter schedule
fewer claims

You envision it.
We build it.

LeChase's Virtual Design & Construction (VD&C) team can provide support by using available technology to communicate, evaluate and understand your building's construction details. While design coordination is typically performed as part of a designer's contract with an owner, LeChase Construction has developed our own internal process for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and is capable of providing a unique model to assist you throughout your facilities lifecycle.