The LeChase Life Saving Commitments

What is it?

The objective of the LeChase Life Saving Commitments initiative is to eliminate serious injury and death on all LeChase jobsites.

Each commitment represents a high-hazard activity that could cause serious injury and death in the workplace. The program identifies the hazards related to the commitment—or “What can kill you?”—and provides ways for employees, including subcontractors, to eliminate or control these hazards.

The LeChase Life Saving Commitments initiative is the outcome of extensive research and best practices among ACIG and industry leaders.

"LeChase is a thriving organization staffed by talented construction professionals who embrace the common goal of safety first. I believe LeChase has the mind-set and the drive to become a world-class leader in safety and innovation."

A.B. Robinson, Jr.Vice President of Environmental, Safety and Health
Orange circle with white lock, water drop, lightening bolt, pressure gauge, and nucleus.

Stored Energy

Verify isolation for hazardous energy sources before work begins and use required personal protective equipment.

Orange circle with white figure in a harness and tied-off six feet about the ground.

Fall Protection

Protect yourself from a fall when working with ladders and other height-related activities.

Orange circle with white crane and operator lifting material.

Cranes and Rigging

Follow all proper guidelines and be aware of suspended loads.

Orange circle with a figure on top of ground and another figure in a confined space.

Confined Spaces

Obtain authorization before entering a confined space.

Orange circle with figure trapped under material in a trench.


Do no enter an unprotected trench or excavation deeper than four feet.

Orange circle with white front loader.

Mobile Equipment

Protect yourself and your coworkers from potential hazards associated with working in close proximity to mobile equipment.

Orange circle with a swinging door almost hitting a person.


Protect yourself against crushing and caught-in-between injuries.

Orange circle with line through it and black bottle and pills.

Drugs and Alcohol

No alcohol or drugs while working or driving.