LeChase hires Stephanie Pennington as XBE compliance manager

ROCHESTER, N.Y., January 2, 2019 – LeChase Construction is pleased to announce the addition of Stephanie Pennington as XBE compliance manager.

The company’s XBE program is aimed at fostering relationships with a broad range of small and diverse suppliers to expand its subcontractor/vendor community. In her role, Pennington will focus in the northeast on recruiting XBE firms, advising project teams on compliance with diversity goals and assisting with monthly reporting and tracking. She will work closely with LeChase’s regional diversity manager in the southeast to ensure collaboration and consistency across LeChase operations.

Pennington has 15 years of experience in education and private industry, including more than six years as diversity compliance manager for another contractor in western New York. She has a B.S. in sociology and political science, an M.S. in interdisciplinary social science, and a J.D. in finance and community economic development.