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Southeast team completes May Field School session

Earlier this month, the LeChase Southeast team gathered at the Falcon Engineering office for the May Field School session. This session focused on concrete.

The presentation began with a discussion on the ASTM International and American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards for concrete testing and procedures. The team covered slump, maturity curves and sensors, concrete mix design, concrete sampling, low breaks, windsor hammer testing, destructive versus nondestructive scenarios and more.  The training also focused on the importance of communication between the design team, owner, general contractor and testing agency, and how teamwork is essential to the testing process.

The group discussed testing at “point of placement” versus “off the truck” and concluded that testing “off the truck” is most effective. They also touched on utilizing preconstruction meetings to clarify logistics, expectations, coordination and teamwork.

The Falcon team took LeChase into their concrete lab and showed them around the cylinder storage chamber. The team got to see cylinder break testing and other concrete testing equipment.