Duke University | Utility Site No. 1 (US-1) Thermal Plant

The Duke University Utility Site No. 1 (US-1) Thermal Plant project included the construction of a new utility plant and site improvements. The plant is a 14,500-SF pre-engineered building featuring architectural finishes, ground-floor access from grade on the north side, a mechanical mezzanine, and two deaerator platforms. The building is divided into two wings with a control space in between. This project covered the build-out of the boiler wing, which provides 80,000-PPH steam capacity – interconnecting to an existing hot water plant nearby. The second wing is for a future build-out that will support heat recovery. It will accommodate equipment providing 1,500 to 1,800 tons of cooling capacity and 25,000 MBH of hot water capacity.

Grading, site walls, access drives and fencing provide security around the plant. The scope also included installation of new site utilities, above-grade utilities on an exterior rack structure, landscaping and hardscapes, as well as systems and controls for stormwater management, MEP and fire protection.