ClearCove Systems Inc. | Western NY Cheese Enterprise Water Resource Recovery Facility

This project included the complete design and construction of a water treatment facility at a cheese plant while the plant itself was under construction. Project features include:

  • A 110 ft. x 75 ft. pre-engineered metal building housing a laboratory and office space.
  • Process equipment/services including concrete equalization tanks, feed pumps, solid/liquid separation equipment, ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) systems, a lift station and systems for sludge dewatering and chemical feeds.

The NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets confirmed in writing that the patented solid/liquid separation equipment, along with UF and RO technology, successfully treated wastewater to produce water of potable quality. This is the first facility in New York State using this technology and one of the first re-use applications of its kind known in the United States.