LeChase team works with students at concrete forming competition

For the second year, the ACE Mentor program in Rochester held a concrete forming competition, and LeChase was on hand to assist.

Images of the LeChase-led team at the recent concrete forming competition in Rochester.At the October 19 event, local high school students divided into three teams, each led by volunteers from a different company. No concrete was actually poured; instead, the objective was to teach the students how to lay out the formwork for a concrete footing.

Although the LeChase-led team was edged out for first place, the day provided a hands-on learning experience for all of the students. Thanks go to carpenters Justin Kiblin, Mike Campbell, Shawn Flatter and Alex Kramell for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The concrete forming competition is not LeChase’s only tie to the ACE Mentor program. The company also hosts an annual “bid day” simulation event. It also delivers some of the themed playhouses that ACE Mentor students build for critically ill children in the area.