LeChase part of NCDOL workshop on construction safety

By November 20, 2019Durham, N.C., Industry

On November 19, LeChase took part in the first North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) Building Star Program Best Practices Workshop that focused solely on safety in the construction industry.

During the event, participants from leading construction firms set aside competition and shared their companies’ best practices for ensuring all workers go home safely each day.

LeChase Regional Safety Manager Brooke Hathaway gave a presentation on safe work recognition, while Vice President Seth London provided remarks from a senior leadership perspective.

In the top photo below, Seth addresses participants. In bottom left photo, Seth (left) and Brooke (right) with NCDOL Commissioner Cherie Berry. In bottom right photo, LeChase attendees (l-r) Hank Slemp, Brooke Hathaway, DJ Smith, Seth London, Barbara Lytle and Tonya Funderburk.

Images from NCDOL construction safety workshop