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Clean Cube OR at URMC facility is way of the future

The Synergy Med Clean Cube medical system provides state-of-the-art operating room environments for patients and staff while modularization decreases construction time and lowers costs.

Rendering of the Clean Cube OR

Rendering of a Clean Cube system

LeChase recently installed the Clean Cube operating room (OR) at the new Surgery Center of the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Orthopaedics and Physical Performance Center, which will open in January 2023. The Clean Cube OR at the Center is the world’s first fully functioning, technologically complete smart-cube room of its kind in an academic institution.

For more than 35 years, LeChase has worked with the University of Rochester (UR) on more than $1 billion of healthcare and higher education projects. LeChase’s history – and the respect between these two entities – prompted LeChase to recommend Synergy Med’s Clean Cube product to the UR with these important considerations:

  • The construction industry has embraced off-site manufacturing – or prefabrication – as a necessity to combat labor and cost constraints. With large sections manufactured off-site, the modular, pre-designed Clean Cube “kit” saves 1,000 on-site work hours per room – speeding assembly and enabling the OR to begin serving patients sooner. In addition, it is adaptable to existing and future technologies, and can be upgraded as needed.
  • Its universal design supports efficient clinical operations and clean room components that promote the highest level of infection control. The integrated and automated disinfection system provides continuous 99.9 percent disinfection.
  • The Clean Cube’s glass walls are more hygienic, non-porous, and more easily cleaned than drywall or stainless steel, with a system ability to hermetically seal the space.

“LeChase is a fantastic partner,” said Synergy Med CEO Ford Kellogg. Dr. Paul Rubery, the Marjorie Strong Wehle Professor and Chairman of the University of Rochester Department of Orthopaedics, concurs. “The LeChase team is energetic, careful, and conscientious. From top to bottom, they have been a pleasure to work with.”

“We are thrilled to be part of this unparalleled addition to the University of Rochester and to the Greater Rochester region that will improve patient outcomes in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago,” said LeChase Vice President Kevin Hoffman.