Virtual tours give buyers preview of their future Cypress of Raleigh homes

COVID-19 has posed unique challenges for all construction projects. At The Cypress of Raleigh retirement community, the construction team building Villa E found themselves with an additional challenge. They had to start progress tours with 57 buyers in the midst of the pandemic. It wasn’t a small effort. Because interiors spaces can be customized, separate tours were needed for each buyer.

Because in-person tours were not possible, the team got creative. Senior Project Manager Kathryn Payne opted to conduct virtual tours to give each buyer a sneak-peek of their future home. To date, LeChase and the Cypress team have conducted 34 of the 57 tours.  “We so appreciated Kathryn’s attention to each and every detail that she pointed out on our tour today as we traveled through every room,” said one couple after their virtual tour.

images of Kathryn Payne giving virtual tour of Cypress of Raleigh unit

LeChase’s Kathryn Payne conducts a tour for a future Cypress of Raleigh resident.