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Project executive stars in Broome County video

By July 5, 2018October 26th, 2018Binghamton, N.Y., Community

Adam Green has added a new skill to his resume: acting. The LeChase project executive is one of the local ‘stars’ in a video promoting Broome County as a great place to live and work.

How did he get the opportunity? Adam’s job at LeChase has brought him in contact with some members of the local Industrial Development Agency (IDA). “They reached out to me and asked if, as a community member and business person, I would help them promote our area and perhaps our company at the same time,” Adam explained. “I gladly agreed.”

The actual taping – which Adam says is his first time on video – took place about a month ago. “We shot at two locations and they did a bunch of takes,” he explained, noting that the office segment took “about 30 takes” with various set ups.

Now, the finished video – which was launched June 28 – will be shown on digital media and television in various areas to help attract workers to Broome County.

To see Adam’s appearance, which wraps up the video, go to and click on Jobs. Now. Broome.