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Press event spotlights UR surgery center’s new Clean Cube OR

A December 15 event put a spotlight on the world’s first installation of a Clean Cube operating room in a university medical center setting. LeChase installed the breakthrough Synergy Med offering, which will open in the coming weeks at the UR Medicine Orthopaedics & Physical Performance Center at Marketplace Mall.

Speakers at the Clean Cube OR press event at UR Medicine

Hoffmann, Kellogg and Dr. Rubery at the Clean Cube OR press event. (Photo by John Smillie)

Clean Cube technology provides benefits in design, construction and function of operating rooms. Its prefabricated walls and parts snap together quickly, which helped speed on-site construction at the UR Medicine site. Its glass walls, next-generation air handling and automated disinfection control systems aid in preventing infections in busy surgery centers. Additional smart motion capture and analysis technologies help enable fine-tuning of surgical teams’ workflows and processes.

LeChase Vice President Kevin Hoffman spoke at the event, along with UR Medicine Chief of Orthopaedics Dr. Paul Rubery and Synergy Med CEO and Founder Ford Kellogg. “It was a fantastic project right from the start,” noted Kellogg.  “For a fixed clean cube operating environment, this is our first commercialized application. We couldn’t have done it without such an awesome partner as LeChase…”