Duke University | Paul M. Gross Hall Laboratory Renovation

This project involved a comprehensive renovation to the second and third floors of the existing Paul M. Gross Hall building. The second- and third-floor renovation encompassed approximately 96,000 GSF and yielded 60,000 NASF. The second floor was designed to allow for flexible office space to accommodate departments, centers, initiatives or other groups as needed to provide swing space for the campus.

The third floor allows for a wide variety of research, including biological, biomedical, biochemical and other research from disciplines throughout the university. Also on the third floor is the data analysis group, which requires an active engaging space to support collaboration and discovery.

Another key element of the design was the introduction of a skylight at the center of the building and a corresponding communicating space between the second and third floors. This Winter Garden brought light to the center of the very large, deep floor plate and created a natural collaboration core for the groups occupying each floor.

Due to their age, mechanical systems, electrical systems and the roof were replaced. New systems were selected to enhance occupant comfort and conserve natural resources. Sustainable design strategies were implemented throughout. The project was designed within the framework of LEED® Silver, but the intent was not to pursue certification. Exterior improvements were also included.