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LeChase has opened a new infection control risk assessment (ICRA) training center to teach best practices for containing noise, dust and contaminants during construction projects in hospitals, pharmaceutical research companies and other critical facilities.

Located at LeChase’s New York Metro office in Armonk, the center is believed to be one of the first in the country developed by a private company. It will be a company-wide resource to ensure LeChase employees and subcontractors stay at the forefront of the emerging and established health and safety protocols.

LeChase ICRA Training Center - Ribbon Cutting“As LeChase continues to grow its client base in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, this new ICRA training center will provide a critical skill for LeChase employees and for our subcontractors,” said David Campbell, LeChase vice president. Campbell made his remarks during an event introducing the center to customers, the media and other stakeholders. “With our center, we will train workers to properly use the systems and exercise the care needed to ensure our work does not disturb hospital patients and visitors, and researchers at pharmaceutical companies.”

At the ICRA training center, workers will receive a mix of classroom and hands-on training aimed at providing a safe environment for patients, staff and others while nearby renovations occur. They will learn to use temporary hard barriers to contain construction work areas; high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to remove dust and other contaminants; and techniques for personal protection and cleaning. The barrier walls, made of plastic and aluminum and filled with insulation, reduce sounds by 50% – enough to deaden loud, sharp noises. The HEPA filtration removes a very high percentage of particulates and creates negative air pressure that draws air into the enclosed construction area. This prevents dust-laden air from escaping into occupied areas of the hospital or laboratory.

LeChase ICRA Training Center Ribbon Cutting

The official ribbon-cutting by LeChase team members David Campbell, Jim Finan, Barbara Montalbano, Matt Strebel, Erika Conradt, Chris Strebel & Perry Geyer, Jr.

Trainees will also learn procedures to maximize the effectiveness of the system. This includes cleaning themselves of dust with HEPA-filtered vacuums before leaving the enclosed construction area, and using sticky mats inside the space to remove and safely secure dust and particulate matter from boots. Training will also cover use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper housekeeping in this specialized environment.

LeChase – a leading national firm specializing in healthcare, life sciences, education and commercial construction – was among the first firms in Westchester County to invest in the technology and offer it to customers seeking superior infection control, enhanced safety and noise reduction during construction.

“LeChase has already applied this system and technique successfully on important projects at several healthcare centers,” Campbell said. “Our core value is to do the right thing; this fuels our passion to create safe work environments and to deliver excellence for our clients.”

For a video about the center and elements of the infection control processes, click here.