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LeChase launches Women@LeChase employee resource group

By March 7, 2022Industry

LeChase is launching an employee resource group, Women@LeChase (W@L). The group’s mission is to further develop the talents and presence of women at LeChase through mentorship, education and empowerment.

In addition to providing training and personal development opportunities, W@L will hold social events to build connections between employees from different regions and functions within the company. Members will also engage with groups outside of the company. For example, they’ll work on activities promoting STEM education for girls, or helping women prepare for new jobs or careers.

Although W@L is primarily focused on women, it is open to all LeChase employees. This recognizes that men can be important workplace allies to their female colleagues. The group will also have opportunities to raise ideas to the company’s senior leaders, who are championing its efforts.

“Individually, women make significant contributions to the company every day,” said Project Executive Kathryn Payne, one of the group’s founders.  “Women@LeChase will collectively build on the strengths of our employees – giving them an opportunity to learn from each other, continue to grow in their careers, and help empower a new generation of women in construction.”