LeChase connects with K-12 contacts, counterparts at NYSCOSS


At the LeChase booth at NYSCOSS, (l-r): Laird, Brian, Steve and Corey.

In early March, LeChase attended the New York State Council of School Superintendents Winter Institute event in Albany. The event attracted more than 100 attendees from K-12 school districts as well as vendors like LeChase.

“We were happy to participate in this year’s event and spend some time networking with all of the school superintendents as well as our industry counterparts,” said Patrick Griffin, business development associate at LeChase.

Patrick, Laird Updyke, Brian Beachner, Steve Hubbard and Corey Coyne represented LeChase at the event. In addition to staffing a booth, they also connected with superintendents and several industry counterparts at a dinner LeChase co-hosted with architecture and engineering firm SWBR.

To date, LeChase has worked on more than 100 K-12 campuses, and the sector continues among the company’s core markets. About 35% of LeChase revenue comes from K-12 and higher education projects.