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Durham bids farewell to interns

By August 24, 2017October 26th, 2018Community, Southeast – Durham, NC

On August 10, the Durham office held a “Farewell to our Awesome Interns” lunch to wrap up its summer internship program. The office was fortunate to have four talented and eager interns this summer, and each got a valuable introduction into life in the construction world and the culture at LeChase.

Three of the interns worked on project sites, getting exposure to the submittal process, safety procedures, RFI’s and working with subcontractors. The fourth intern was in preconstruction, performing on-screen take-offs, compiling estimates and creating and managing various spreadsheets. Throughout the summer they remained in close contact, and even took the initiative to host each other at their job sites, sharing insights about their projects and experiences.

By the farewell pizza lunch, any shyness had worn off and it was obvious how much each intern had developed over the summer.  Each shared a safety moment, stories of things they had learned, their most important takeaway and, of course, some comical jobsite stories.  One common theme was that they each found LeChase a welcoming place that is committed to safety.  Each intern received a Certificate of Achievement and a letter of recommendation written by their respective managers. They also completed an evaluation that will help Durham grow and improve its intern program for the future.

Thanks to the managers and project teams who gave that extra degree of effort to ensure the summer was challenging and productive as well as a valuable learning experience. Because of their efforts, all four interns are interested in coming back to LeChase next year either as full-time employees or for a second internship.  This program is a great step to ensuring Durham has a strong team as we continue to grow in the southeast region.