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Onsite toolbox talks can cover a variety of safety topics. To kick-off Construction Safety Week, LeChase – like other contractors – is focusing the talks on the important topic of mental health.

Using Construction Safety Week resources, project teams around the company are discussing the importance of being connected and supported. Discussions center on how staying connected at work creates a stronger and safer crew. Likewise, staying connected with friends and family supports well-being outside the workplace.

The dialogue also encourages individuals to speak up when they observe an unsafe condition, or notice someone struggling in some aspect of their life.  As the talk says: You may never know how significant of an impact you might have on a person by simply taking a moment to ask if they’re OK. Construction Safety Week materials also include links to various mental health support services and tools.

LeChase sites will hold additional toolbox talks and stand-downs throughout the week. The activities tie into Construction Safety Week, as well as OSHA National Safety Stand-Down.

Projects and teams across LeChase held safety huddles to kick off Construction Safety Week.