Big changes happening at the Greater Rochester International Airport

The Greater Rochester International Airport (GRIA) Revitalization project is well underway, passing the halfway point on the road to a completion date this October. This project contains 15 separate projects totaling $79 million. Ten projects are currently underway, and five are already completed.

One of the current projects is the new entrance canopy, which is adding visual appeal for passengers upon their arrival to the airport. The canopy is 75,000 SF of Teflon reinforced fiberglass, fabricated with almost 1,000 tons of steel. Other elements include:

  • 10 custom structures with 32 full-color LED lights mounted to the terminal building and parking garage to illuminate the fabric from above, with additional lighting mounted to the canopy itself to light up the roads below
  • 28 custom-made buttresses, each weighing in at 23,000 pounds, to provide support to the arrivals road concrete viaduct

When complete the new canopy will give GRIA a signature look that will welcome visitors and Rochester natives alike.

Another ongoing project involves reconfiguring the TSA security checkpoint and adding enhancements to the center security area. Phase One of this project is already complete and opened to the public. Scope included relocating the passenger exits to the middle of the terminal and relocating the first floor baggage claim exit portal, as well as check-in enhancements that include wayfinding ribbons for each concourse.

LeChase has assembled a great team to take on multiple different roles and manage the 19 separate prime contractors on-site while ensuring everyone is working safely toward creating a better passenger experience. Team members Terry Van Slooten, Bill Ture, Jerry Jones, Don Gage, Kassy Militello and Brian Hoffman are all managing the work within the terminal on two shifts, while Phillip Koff, Jacob Youngman and Frank Tortora track all unit price work outside of the terminal and manage traffic and signage. The great teamwork between contractors and management staff has made the Greater Rochester GRIA Revitalization project the “gold standard” among the four other airports that are a part of the statewide program.

Stay tuned for more airport project updates as the LeChase team continues to complete the remaining 15 projects in our contract.

Photos, top to bottom: aerial view of canopy; close-up of canopy; view of TSA checkpoint