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Alfred State class revisits Alstom project

As part of an on-going relationship with Alfred State, LeChase continues to host tours for the school’s construction management students.

Alfred State class on a second visit to the Alstom project

In the photo from left: Professor Reza Yadollahi, Professor Tim Piotrowski and LeChase Superintendent Zac Towner (an Alfred graduate) pose with students. Liam Rathbun is the eighth from right, wearing the orange hardhat. Project Manager John Pepper, who took the photo, also participated in the tour.

Recently, students toured the Alstom Transport Carbodyshell project for the second time. The project team initially hosted students last fall. At that time,  site and concrete work was underway at the facility, which when completed will manufacture passenger rail cars. On the most recent visit, students were able to see the steel structure, roofing, siding and the mechanical/electrical/plumbing roughed in.

“We are currently enclosing the building to make it ‘weather tight,’” explained LeChase Vice President Fred Thompson in the Corning office. “Having students visit at different phases of the project allows them to better understand the sequence of activities involved in new construction.”

According to Thompson, the class has plans to visit the site for a final time in the fall this year. If they do, senior Liam Rathbun will not be among the students on the tour. The soon-to-be construction management graduate will begin his career as a project engineer at LeChase later this month.