University of Rochester | Nanocenter Cleanroom Renovation

This project consisted of the conversion of a typical university lab into a Class 1000 biomedical research cleanroom. This project included the installation of two new air handlers; laboratory gas lines for methane, hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, oxygen and chlorine; as well as a dedicated PSP® Teflon-coated chemical exhaust system with a dilution fan.

During preconstruction, LeChase Construction worked to configure all of the equipment layout and M/E/P controls to ensure the cleanroom met the correct requirements regarding power, vacuum and gases.

During construction, LeChase established cleanroom protocols for entering and working within the protected cleanroom. All construction personnel were required to enter an anti-room where they would change into special decontaminated work uniforms prior to entering the cleanroom. This protocol was also used with all the tools and equipment the workers used to perform their duties during construction.