Schlumberger Technology Corporation | OFS Facility

This project consisted of the construction of Schlumberger’s Northeast District Office. Within the 100-acre site, LeChase was responsible for the construction of eight buildings totaling 139,741 SF. All buildings except the administrative building are pre-engineered metal. The buildings include:

  • Truck Wash (9,600 SF)
  • Bulk Storage Building (27,500 SF)
  • Gunshop Building (7,600 SF)
  • Oxidizer Building (200 SF)
  • Gas Meter Building (120 SF)
  • Administrative Building (37,721 SF)
  • Vehicle Maintenance Building (37,000 SF)
  • Wireline/D&M Facility (20,000 SF)

The scope of this project included all the above referenced buildings along with sitework and utilities. The site was constructed as per DEC MS4 criteria and in compliance with EPA industrial regulations.

This project followed LEED® Green Building Rating System™. LeChase self-performed all foundations, utilities, civil scope and general trades work.