Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Western District of New York | Phased Interior Fit-Out

LeChase served as general contractor for this transformative project which involved a comprehensive overhaul of the 2nd floor at 300 Pearl Street in Buffalo, NY. Our team undertook a range of tasks to rejuvenate the space and provide the Federal Public Defender’s Office with a modern and functional workspace.

The project commenced with the removal of existing flooring, ceilings, and walls, creating a blank canvas for the renovation. We then installed new walls, flooring, and ceilings to redefine the space, providing a fresh and contemporary appearance while optimizing functionality. The restroom facilities were completely renovated to meet modern standards of hygiene, accessibility, and aesthetics. New office partitions were introduced to create dedicated workspaces, ensuring privacy and enhancing productivity for the office’s dedicated professionals. LeChase also implemented a state-of-the-art HVAC system, including new ductwork and heat pumps, to enhance indoor air quality and climate control, fostering a comfortable working environment. Additionally, we installed a new electrical system to guarantee a reliable and energy-efficient power supply throughout the renovated space.

The successful completion of this project has revitalized the 2nd floor, significantly improving its functionality and aesthetics. The upgraded facilities and infrastructure now support the Federal Public Defender’s Office in delivering high-quality legal services to the Western District of New York.