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This project involved selective demolition of floors seven through 12 of the Key Center South Tower in Buffalo, N.Y. The 115,000 SF was then built-out for the IBM Innovation Facility and include offices, call centers, conference rooms and a cafeteria.

The project had many challenges, including parking and the logistics of bringing materials into the building, due to its downtown location. Also, some of the other floors of the building were occupied during the project.

Due to the size of the elevator cabs, and the fact there is no freight elevator, floor stocking was typically off-hours. For materials that were too large for the elevators, windows were removed and replaced on each floor for stocking purposes.

As the building management company did not allow LeChase to use the main HVAC system for cooling purposes, air circulation was required to maintain indoor air quality. The return air system used the elevator shafts to get the air back to the main system, located in the penthouse.