LeChase Learning

LeChase Learning Target LogoAt LeChase, continuous growth is one of our strategic goals. Our people are our biggest asset. Personal and career development is an important part of our culture.  We offer an ever-evolving platform of continuous learning opportunitieswith attention to the different needs of career stage and specialty. We offer an in-house LeChase INfocus approach in providing a blend of venues and topics, including:

  • Employee development workshops
  • Leadership and executive development
  • Lunch & Learn Workshops
  • Materials & Installation Workshops
  • Safety and field Training
  • Department and specialty-specific training
  • e-Learning Platform available 24/7
  • Learning Connection newsletters
  • Personalized career paths
  • External opportunities with our learning partners and coaches
  • Support for job-related certifications and licenses
  • Professional and community memberships
Training room with a large group, interacting in a panel discussion.